Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring 2014 Simply Colorful Mystery Quilt Reveal!

It's time to see what 2,299 scraps of fabric sewn into 667 Units can become!

Ta da!  

Here's the Spring 2014 Mystery Quilt Layout. 

Here's Clue 5 with all the final instructions. 

We'll be finishing this quilt on tonight's Simply Colorful Fiber Cast.  

When? 8PM Eastern Standard Time, March 21st.

Previous clues:

Clue #5 -- LIVE Fiber Cast Tonight at 8PM EST

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring 2014 Mystery Quilt Clue #4

This is the last week of making 3.5" units!  
There are 192 units total.  You'll make the same design in two different colorways.
Click here to download the Simply Colorful Spring 2014 Mystery Quilt Clue #4.

This clue's so easy you can do it in your sleep or with one hand tied behind the back.

Next week we put it all together!  (REVEAL is MARCH 21 at 7AM EST.)

Grab a project and come sew with me. 
It's amazing how much we can accomplish in 60 minutes!

Happy Friday,

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Feast Your Eyes on Raggedy Ann!

I went to a Textile Tarts meeting yesterday (with my good friend Sarah of fame.)

Birthday girl Pat gave us a wonderful talk on the history of Raggedy Ann.  (Andy and "Camel with Wrinkly Knees" too.)

Did you know Raggedy Ann was patented by John Gruelle in 1915?  Andy arrived in 1917. They changed appearances over the years.  Here are just a few pictures from yesterday.

Here's Pat's reproduction "large thumbed" Raggedy Ann on the left, along with the two oldest dolls in her collection.  Both are Volands.

Most every Textile Tart member brought in their own Raggedy Ann doll! Some were large, like this one at 3+ feet tall.

These two were well loved by Pat's children.  To repair the nose on Andy or not? That is the question.  I like the authenticity of leaving it as is.  He was well loved.

Here are another pair of very early Raggedies.  If I caught the story correctly, they were found by Pat's parents-in-law in a NY City antiques shop, and gifted as an anniversary present to Pat and her husband many years ago.

These next two examples are just 3" tall, expertly made by Bobbi from a "now discontinued" Gail Wilson Designs pattern.

Here's an early 2000's Camel reproduction. Never played with.  Fun to see the packaging.

And check out all the patterns.  The earliest we saw was published in 1941 and cost 35 cents.  It contained face transfer patterns for both awake and asleep states.  You'd put one face on the front and one on the back and frindge some hair around each face at the side and top.  (no "back of the head" hair)

Which Raggedy Ann did you grow up with?

Don't you just want to make your own?  I do!

Sew on,

Friday, March 7, 2014

Mystery Quilt Clue #3 is LIVE!

Hello Simply Colorful Mystery Quilters!

Clue #3 is live.  

There are 4 different parts to this one.  Yikes!  All very doable.

Tune into tonight's Simply Colorful Fiber Cast at 8PM EST to get started.  It's amazing how many units we can make in just 60 minutes.

Happy Friday everyone!