Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Quilting and Dolly Smorgasbord

According to Wikipedia ... 

"Smörgåsbord is a type of Scandinavian meal served buffet-style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods on a table, originating in Sweden. The term Smörgåsbord became internationally known at the 1939 New York World's Fair when it was offered at the Swedish Pavilion's "Three Crowns Restaurant." It's typically a celebratory meal and guests can help themselves from a range of dishes laid out for their choice." 

Well, I have a Smorgasbord of Fiber arts projects!  

It's time to clear the "table."

Raggedy Ann needs hair.  Andy needs his hat.  My "Daffodil and Crocus" Spring mystery quilt (in the background) needs more machine quilting.

Then there's Hitty's braided rug. The braids are all made.  I just need to sew them together.  How long - really - can a 6" diameter rug take to complete???

And then I have my "grey-background" quilt which was designed at the Marathon Quilters' Retreat

I sure am glad we have Simply Colorful Fiber Cast tomorrow night ... I'll be working on one or more of these projects...Celebrating the range of fiber choices laid out before me and with you as my guest!

What project will you work on?

See you at 8PM EST tomorrow night.


P.S. For those following my car saga ... these 2 pictures pretty much tell the story.  
(Jeep on left being carted off to the "car doctor."  Styling minivan rental on the right.)