Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring, Scraps, and Raggedy

Hello from the Simply Colorful Fiber Art Studio!

It felt like Spring today, sunny, though not much over 60 degrees.  I went outside and soaked in as much Vitamin D as I could

Warmer weather and flower blooms are coming to New England, I can just feel it. 

But when?

Will these babies ever bloom?

And will this snow ever disappear?

How 'bout my Clematis?  

Will a purple flush of color replace these beige puffballs?  And most importantly, is it CLEMatis or ClemAAAtis? That is the question.

While we ponder these and other Spring delights, let's talk scraps.

I had lots.

I've spent time here and there all week pressing and cutting and sorting.

Now I have them organized!

I still have more to go, and there's a whole other container of strings not in this picture, but it's a start.
From now on whenever I have scraps left over from a project I vow to cut them into usable pieces right then and there!  Stockpiling random scraps stops today.  (insert skeptical happy face here)

P.S. See the brown box in the picture?  That is a special family heirloom from Vermont.  I'm saving it for a special occasion to show.  (Yes, that's what we call a "tease.")

Meanwhile, it's finally time to make a new Raggedy Ann doll.
(I first blogged about Raggedy a few weeks ago here.)

Her body will be cut out by tomorrow.  Here's the pattern.   

I'm sticking with the smallest, 15" tall doll.  The Raggedy Ann in this picture is the one my mother made for me when I was a girl.  She'll be my model.

Here are the fabrics I'm planning to use.   

I'm thinking she'll be a "modern day" Raggedy with narrow red-on-white striped legs ... maybe... if I can convince myself to break from tradition. 

You'll just have to tune into tomorrow night's FiberCast to watch the progress and see whether we go thin or thick red striped legs.  

Oh, can you stand the suspense?

Grab a project and I'll see you tomorrow night,


At 8PM EST, Friday April 4th, 2014, click this URL to watch live: 
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