Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's True: We're Doing a Spring 2014 Mystery Quilt

Several Fiber Cast viewers have asked about a Mystery Quilt.

I think it's a great idea!  We start THIS Friday!


For anyone who wishes to participate, I'll post clues on Friday mornings and then we can sew together on Friday nights and share our progress throughout the week.

The Mystery quilt is a scrappy quilt with lots of pieces.

It will measure 72” x 90” when complete. (Twin)

The first clue will be published Friday morning, February 21st, on www.simplycolorful.com/mysteryquiltcluesBlogger, TwitterFacebookand Google at 7AM EST. A new clue will be published every Friday thereafter until we’re done. (In six weeks or so.)

Here’s what to do between now and this Friday morning:
  • Select a print with at least 3 colors in it.  The motif should be medium-to-large. You should love it and have 5 yards of it because it will become your quilt backing.
  • Cull through your scraps
  • Create a pile of Neutral scraps (approximately 1.5 yds) (Greys or Blacks can be substituted here.)
  • Select 3 colors in your backing and create 3 piles of scraps in those colors (approximately 1.5 yards each) and label them A, B, C.
  • Load your sewing machine w/ grey or beige thread and a new needle
  • Sharpen your rotary blade, prepare your matt and ruler
  • And get ready to play.

To give you one idea, here's my backing fabric:

And 3 buckets of scraps, plus neutrals.  
(Yes, I purchased some 1/8ths and 1/4ths of yards to augment my stash.) 

Looking forward to Friday already!

P.S. Remember Fiber Cast Archives are always available for viewing on the YouTube Simply Colorful channel, so it's okay if you miss a week or a clue because you can catch up anytime.  

No pressure.  This is just meant to be fun!